Must Have Beauty Salon Equipment

In the fiercely competitive world of beauty salons and spas, some things are constant. Like the need for well-trained and experienced staff or professional dermatologists. However, one areas that remains an ambiguous variable, is the equipment used. It is this aspect that helps a few salons gain a competitive head start over others in the race for more clients. It is not necessary that high end equipment and ambience only draws in more patrons, a lot depends on comfort levels and the functionality of the equipment at the clinic.

An example will illustrate this point better. Take the case of pedicure. Many salons have areas exclusively for this purpose but still others have chairs that are multipurpose in structure. They can be used for haircuts, facials, bleach and when required a small basin can be attached to the foot of the chair for pedicures. This increases client comfort as it is not necessary for him/her to move from work station to station for various services. This type of equipment where the patrons feel at ease will surely help to increase business and goodwill of the beauty salon and spa.

Must have beauty salon equipment can be basically categorised in two – the first is that which directly has a bearing on the services provided and the second relates to enhancing the aesthetics and ambience of the establishment.

Services provided in most salons include that related to hair, nails and facials. Equipment that needs to be bought is chairs, mirrors, shampoo bowls, dryers, clippers and other nail cutting items. The chairs are important as it should be easily adaptable to a client’s build and height as well as that of the stylist. It is not necessary that all of these should be purchased new off the shelf. For those on a budget, it is advisable to buy chairs and workstations in a not-so-used condition from closing or closed salons.

Equally important is the larger and more expensive equipment used in high end beauty salons and spas, operated more by dermatologists and plastic surgeons than the usual trained workers. These are laser and IPL hair removal machine and skin rejuvenation equipment, microdermabrasion machine as well as that used for tattoo removal. These all products are provided by Universal IPL. These should be bought after a thorough market research as to what would best fulfil your current and future requirements, both in terms of operational efficiencies and prices. There is no justification in buying top of the line fast ones at exorbitant prices when the salon is just starting off and clients are just a trickle.

The second category of equipment that adds to the glamour quotient of a beauty salon and spa is what a client sees the moment he/she walks in. First impressions are the best impressions and special attention should be to roll out such an ambience at the lobby itself. Get furniture and fittings that are bright and attractive. Sombre teak wood dark coloured furniture is best suited for banks only! A patron comes in to look beautiful and the environment should be cheery enough to match her mood. Providing suitable amenities is very important especially if the client has to wait her turn for services. Have a coffee machine and a refrigerator for cold drinks.

Start small and keep adding equipment as the salon prospers. That way there will never be a shortage of capital for consumables.

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