Methods of Hair Removal

Long lasting Methods of Hair Removal

There was a time before the late 90s when hair removal was a chore. Epilators, razors, depilatory creams were the common tools for hair removal with shaving and tweezing being the more painful options. Moving a razor over tender skin is definitely not a pleasant task. But even then, in spite of withstanding the pain, these methods did not offer long term results. If you had two consecutive parties to attend over the weekend and you used depilatory cream on the first day, chances are that you would have to use it again the next day.

With the advent of laser technologies in the 90s and their subsequent induction in the aesthetic beauty care scenario in the mid 20s, these short term measures have now been replaced by more long term solutions. Machines run on laser and IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) technologies provide permanent hair removal options that are not only safe and painless but affordable too.

Basically, laser and IPL have the same operational principles. Both emit rays of light that is absorbed by melanin, the hair pigment situated at the root. The heat destroys the follicle, slowing down hair growth and in most cases removing the strands completely.

However, the nature of light emitted by laser and IPL machines are different and it is this that determines which technology will work best for you. For instance if you go to a Melbourne laser hair removal clinic for treatment, the dermatologist or technician there will first examine your hair and skin colour and texture and then recommend the ideal treatment for you.

Here is a rundown of the two long lasting methods of hair removal.

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light)

IPL technology uses a broad spectrum source of visible light. This means that the light is not focussed but scattered like an incandescent bulb. Hence, not all rays of light target the hair follicle and some strike at the surrounding skin area too. Hence candidates with dark skin and light coloured hair are advised not to opt for IPL laser hair removal. On the positive side, since the light is scattered over a wide area, IPL is ideal for treatment for large areas such as the legs, back and upper arm and is quicker than laser too. However, as the light is not sharply concentrated like laser, you might need more number of sessions for complete permanent hair removal.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is an extremely controlled treatment that utilises specific properties of laser. Given that the nature of light is more concentrated, it can be focussed on a small area for effective and quick procedures. Laser can also travel more below the top layer of skin and is therefore more accurate in treating a specific area. Laser machines can be made to emit the required colour of light and is thus good for treatment of all types, textures and colour of skin and hair.

For more information on laser and IPL hair removal, make an appointment with a top beauty salon and spa in your area.

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