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Add-Ons that you can give away for free to increase the value of your Salon

It is a common business phenomenon that companies achieve a high growth curve and then suddenly everything plateaus off. Sales stagnate, profits remain sluggish and on the whole nothing seems to be going in the right direction. It is then that an off-the-beaten-path approach is required to get things off the ground. Business owners who can quickly formulate and implement a few out-of-the-box ideas manage to get their ventures on the feet again.

The same is the case with the beauty salon and spa business. Even fast developing establishments often hit a rough patch and need an infusion of fresh ideas and innovative business plans to get rolling again. If as a salon owner you ever face such a possibility, what can you do to recover from it and take your salon business to the next plane?

Here are some add-ons that you can try out without affecting your bottom line.

Increase income without additional investments – If you find that your business is sluggish, it is not always necessary that you should invest in new equipment and start a new line of treatment. Focus on working with the existing infrastructure by introducing specific add-ons. One of them is increasing per customer spend on each visit.

An example will illustrate this point better. Suppose you have a client who comes in every three months for a haircut. On one such visit, gently push some add-on services at heavily discounted rates – bleach, a facial or an aromatic shampoo. Offer the best that you have. Once the client is satisfied and feels that it adds value to her money, you can be sure that on the next visit, he/she will opt for the full services again but this time at the actual rates. Hence a simple add-on without any extra outgo of funds will bring in additional revenue.

Herbal Poultices – Bring in mini herbal poultices in any or all your treatments for free. They will not cost you the earth but will increase value as an effective add-on. Take a muslin parcel of say ½ pounds and pack it tight with aromatic spices and herbs. Steam it for about 10 minutes and use it as a 30 to 60 second compress on the hands or feet or body for a fresh rejuvenating treatment.

This can be used for specific remedies too. For body acne treatment turmeric with lemon grass will be right while a mix of camphor and chamomile will be perfect for skin irritations and will soothe the body. Try these out and you can be sure that your clients will repeatedly come back for more.

Free product publicity – Many top beauty salons and spas have their own product lines, sourced from leading manufacturers but with own branding. What these do is increase awareness of your salon for the common man at large. If you too have such branded products of your salon, introduce small packs with the same type of labels and give it for free to your valued customers.

You will get a double advantage here. Your client will be happy with the gift and will spread your brand to family and acquaintances. That is free publicity for your salon and spa which will lead to increased client traffic. The second is that next time around he/she will definitely buy a standard pack from you. This is assuming that your product is of the highest quality.

Specialised Services – There is nothing better to boost beauty salon and spa business than offering specialised and personalised services. All salons offer excellent makeup procedures but have on your rolls a good and qualified makeup artist in Melbourne or wherever your salon is and you will surely have the edge and get ahead of the competition. Rest assured, your salon will be crowded ahead of the festive or wedding seasons.

These are just tips to get you going. What you do and the add-ons you bring in will depend on the ground realities of your beauty clinic.

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Key Actions That Will Improve Your Salon or Spa Profitability

If it is accepted that you are already running a profitable beauty salon and spa, it is time now to think about taking your business to the next level in terms of turnover and profitability. There are many ways to do so depending on your years of experience in this field and the volume of clientele. However, there are a few sure shot ways you can try that usually in most cases will certainly bring success.

Here are some of them that you can implement to grow your salon and spa business and profitability.

Improve customer experience – A satisfied customer is not only a source of permanent revenue, you can be sure that he/she is also a great point of referral and will bring in more clients for you. Hence adopt a personalised approach. Do not treat them as a number in your cash register, go out of your way to remember their names, their tastes and what pleases them most in the your salon and spa. Is it extra towels, a round of gossip with your staff or even the beverage that they prefer? This act of making them feel important and remembered will surely help to spread the message of the quality of services offered by you, thereby increasing the flow of clients and revenue.

Offer one time discounts – Customers will never forget their first day at your spa. If they feel your service is awful, that is the last you’ll see of them. Hence, make the first time treatments a special affair for clients. One of the ways to do so is to offer heavy discounts, something like a bundle of different services for the price of one. If you can make it a memorable experience, the client will come back for it at periodical intervals, never mind if they have to now pay double or triple for it. This will improve you income levels without extra investments in equipment or additional staff.

Focus on increasing average spends – This should be another of your objectives. If a client comes in every couple of months for a haircut, try and push colouring through too. If you succeed, that’s extra revenue for you per client per visit. A word of caution though! Do not be too pushy with your pitch. Convince your client to try extra services without being overbearing. Once your client is satisfied with the add-on, it will be a regular feature in all her/his visits. Along with this, focus also on increasing the number of visits. Make precooking even if the next appointment is months away. Give a signed card to your client and follow up days before the schedule.

Reduce overheads – Look for ways and means to reduce overheads without compromising on the benchmarks of service. Keep the ambience as it is, as well as the number of trained and experienced staff. But cut down on inventory levels and do not invest in additional capital expenditure until absolutely required. If you are looking for an IPL hair removal machine for sale to augment your existing ones, explore alternative installation options. Instead of going for outright purchase, opt for a leased machine. Not only will you save on immediate expenses, you can pay the instalments from the extra revenue generated from it.

Other ways that you can reduce costs are through reducing phone, bank and other establishment charges, rationalising staff costs with better rostering, reducing freight costs and negotiating with suppliers for better deals.

Follow these simple steps and you will surely increase the profitability of your beauty salon and spa.