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Traits That Will Help You Become a Successful Salon Owner

“Successful business owners often share the same common traits that allow them to thrive as leaders,” says Stephen Blignaut, a successful entrepreneur and one of the leading names in the beauty industry. He runs a successful business of importing and distributing a wide range of ant-ageing and beauty equipment to beauty salons and spas. He also says that to run a profitable and popular beauty business, one requires a unique blend of technical expertise, skills and business sense. Unlike other businesses, a salon business is one where people come not to just purchase a product but also to build a relationship and spend time in a welcoming and comfortable environment. As the founder, this starts with you and your personality traits.

You need a combination of the following traits to become a successful salon owner.

  • Determination – Entrepreneurs face a lot of challenges and setbacks during the quest to be successful. As a salon owner, you may have difficulty obtaining the financing to get started or your marketing efforts may prove unsuccessful. You may even have to start the entire process over several times. To become a successful salon owner you need to be determined and pursue your idea even when the chips are down.
  • Passion – This is the most important trait to become a successful salon owner. Passion fuels the determination required to be successful, whether you are building a salon from the ground up or it has been inherited by you. You have to thoroughly enjoy what you do, there will be some points along the way when you have to put in a lot of effort. If you are not passionate, then the stress and obstacles will build up and eventually be responsible for your collapse.
  • Patience – As a salon owner being patient is essential. You must not only be patient with your clients and employees but also with yourself. Regularly attend seminars, workshops, and training courses and read business books to update your knowledge on the latest trends in the market. This kind of self-improvement takes time and patience. But if you are willing then you can take your business to a whole new level and see a huge return on your investment.
  • Skills – Salon owners require an exceptional level of charisma and social skills. Getting along with clients and expressing a genuine interest in them will help you to retain them. You must be open-minded, have the ability to tolerate different kinds of people and have a sense of humour. To be successful, you need to have a caring personality that let customers know that you are concerned about their well being.
  • Self-promotion – Talking to others about yourself and your business can be one of the most difficult tasks but it is essential for growing the business. Instead of thinking of it as self-promotion consider it as a desire to share your professional life with those around you.

By developing your own qualities and those listed above you will surely succeed in your salon business.

Things to Consider Before Starting a Hair and Beauty Salon

Everyone experiences the desire to look their best and feel attractive. For an entrepreneurial-minded business person, this provides the perfect opportunity to open a beauty salon, especially for those with a passion for hair styling and beauty. However, just like any other business, opening your own salon can be challenging and requires a significant amount of planning, perseverance and work.

Consider the following important areas before venturing into salon business.

Evaluate your budget – You will require a detailed budget before making any major decision which details both your expenses and required income. The budget should include rent, licensing, equipment, overhead charges and include an allowance for emergency funds. A detailed operating budget will help you break-even and to make some profit. You also need to decide how many services you can provide in a week, including hair colours, hairstyles, makeup, facial, manicure or pedicures. Figure out the cost of each session, the break-even figure and the retail price that will give you profit.

Create a business plan – One of the most important aspects of opening a business is creating a business plan. The plan offers a road map for salon owners to follow and help consider all areas of the business and achieve success. Your business plan should include what goals you want to achieve in the first year of business and what strategies you need to follow.

Select space carefully – Location is critical to the success of a beauty salon. Research the places where you intend to set up the salon. A successful location typically includes areas with heavy foot traffic and those near complementary businesses such as clothing stores. When you have decided on a location, carefully read your lease contract to understand what is and is not included by the landlord. It is advised that you receive advice from a professional property lawyer in Melbourne to ensure the lease contract is as fair as possible. Not only do property lawyers have the experience and expertise to provide detailed advice, but they can also review the entire document and help you out with the other legal matters related to the property.

Buy equipment – Hair and beauty salon requires equipment and supplies including salon chairs, shampoo bowls, hair dryers, scissors, combs and makeup to name a few. To start with create a list of equipment and supplies you need and then research to find out the reputable salon suppliers who will be able to accommodate your requirements.

Hire wisely – One of the most challenging aspects of being a salon owner is developing and retaining a competent team. This can seem like a daunting task, not just because both of these responsibilities can be very time consuming but also because you need to have skilled employees. The ability and talent, as well as, the attitude and work ethic of your staff will influence every aspect of your business, so hire your employees wisely.

Marketing and opening – It lets your potential customers know that the business exists. This typically includes advertisements in local publications, magazines or you can even advertise via dedicated websites or social media. Having an introductory offer or two on services can be a real boost as well. Once you are set up with everything, it is time for the grand opening.

These are just a few of the things you should consider before starting a hair and beauty salon.

Must Have Beauty Salon Equipment

In the fiercely competitive world of beauty salons and spas, some things are constant. Like the need for well-trained and experienced staff or professional dermatologists. However, one areas that remains an ambiguous variable, is the equipment used. It is this aspect that helps a few salons gain a competitive head start over others in the race for more clients. It is not necessary that high end equipment and ambience only draws in more patrons, a lot depends on comfort levels and the functionality of the equipment at the clinic.

An example will illustrate this point better. Take the case of pedicure. Many salons have areas exclusively for this purpose but still others have chairs that are multipurpose in structure. They can be used for haircuts, facials, bleach and when required a small basin can be attached to the foot of the chair for pedicures. This increases client comfort as it is not necessary for him/her to move from work station to station for various services. This type of equipment where the patrons feel at ease will surely help to increase business and goodwill of the beauty salon and spa.

Must have beauty salon equipment can be basically categorised in two – the first is that which directly has a bearing on the services provided and the second relates to enhancing the aesthetics and ambience of the establishment.

Services provided in most salons include that related to hair, nails and facials. Equipment that needs to be bought is chairs, mirrors, shampoo bowls, dryers, clippers and other nail cutting items. The chairs are important as it should be easily adaptable to a client’s build and height as well as that of the stylist. It is not necessary that all of these should be purchased new off the shelf. For those on a budget, it is advisable to buy chairs and workstations in a not-so-used condition from closing or closed salons.

Equally important is the larger and more expensive equipment used in high end beauty salons and spas, operated more by dermatologists and plastic surgeons than the usual trained workers. These are laser and IPL hair removal machine and skin rejuvenation equipment, microdermabrasion machine as well as that used for tattoo removal. These all products are provided by Universal IPL. These should be bought after a thorough market research as to what would best fulfil your current and future requirements, both in terms of operational efficiencies and prices. There is no justification in buying top of the line fast ones at exorbitant prices when the salon is just starting off and clients are just a trickle.

The second category of equipment that adds to the glamour quotient of a beauty salon and spa is what a client sees the moment he/she walks in. First impressions are the best impressions and special attention should be to roll out such an ambience at the lobby itself. Get furniture and fittings that are bright and attractive. Sombre teak wood dark coloured furniture is best suited for banks only! A patron comes in to look beautiful and the environment should be cheery enough to match her mood. Providing suitable amenities is very important especially if the client has to wait her turn for services. Have a coffee machine and a refrigerator for cold drinks.

Start small and keep adding equipment as the salon prospers. That way there will never be a shortage of capital for consumables.

Hair Styling Mistakes to Avoid on the Wedding Day

Your wedding is the best day of your life when even the smallest errors can have a big impact. Your hairstyle is one small area which can make or break the look. So, it is important you plan in advance to look your best. With the help of professional hairstylists and the right products, your hair is bound to look naturally flawless on the big day. However, if you don’t want to resort to professional guidance, there are certain basic hair styling mistakes you can avoid in order to still look fabulous. We have listed some of the most common below.

Refrain from experimenting

Having a new haircut or colour is a big no. What if something goes wrong? Your colour can easily turn out too light or even darker than you expected. You could end up hating your new haircut. No bride would want to deal with such disaster just before the wedding. Avoid experimenting with your hair right before the wedding.

Don’t over accessorise

The less complicated your hair accessories, the more attention your gorgeous outfit will receive. Pick accessories that not only compliment your attire but also make you look stunning. Keeping it simple and classy.

Ditch the conditioner

You may or may not know this, but it is recommended brides skip the conditioner on their wedding day. Conditioner makes hair soft and silky, making it difficult for the hairstylist to style your hair and keep it in place. The stylist is also going to use hairspray, so it is best to simply avoid the conditioner that day.

Communicate with the hairstylist

You should always speak to your hairstylist weeks in advance about a style that would compliment your face. Be honest and tell them your concerns and doubts. Once you both are on the same page, it is easier for the stylist to do a fabulous job at making your hair look amazing.

Up-dos aren’t the only option

Ladies, if you think up do hairstyle is the only option, then think again. If you talk with your hairstylist and experiment with different styles, you will get to know that there are a lot of options to choose from. Let it loose, braid it up or accessorise it, the choice is yours.

Whatever your hair or makeup decision, the most important tip for any bride, is to enjoy yourself. In your groom’s eyes, you will look perfect.